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How to get the best wedding photographs

Tips and advice from a professional wedding photographer.

Once the day is over, the vows have been said, the speeches have been made, the cake’s been eaten and your first dance has been danced, what is there left?

Marriage is an awesome thing, I am not just saying that because I am writing an article to Bride’s to be or because I am only in my first year of marriage, but because I wholeheartedly mean it. So once the big day is over, what is there left? Well, first and most importantly your marriage, that big party was only the start of everything, but what is left of that day to help you remember it? Your wedding photographs.

Choosing your photographer

To me when I meet with potential clients and they say “we are only sorting out the important things at this time, like the venue, food and photographer.” I know straight away that these are the kind of people I want to work with. They value their wedding photography, and why shouldn’t we all? After all it is one of the few things we’ll have after the day to remember it all by. So how can we make sure we get the best wedding photographs?

How to get the best wedding photographs

Firstly, find a wedding photographer whose images you love, make sure you see examples of their best work from their portfolio. As well as at least one set of photographs from a complete wedding day. There are so many wedding photographers out there take time to look at a variety so you can find the style you love. I am a contemporary documentary style wedding photographer so my clients often come to me requesting only a few formal photographs and then for me to document their day in an unobtrusive way. They also comment on how my photos all gel together and that there is a clear “Will Reddaway Wedding Photography” style. If you can find the photographer whose shooting and editing style you love you are on the way to wedding photographs you will love and cherish forever.

When looking for a photographer don’t just go on their photographs make sure you meet with them. You want to find a photographer who you both click with, remember they will be spending one of the biggest days of your lives with you.

Make sure you meet with photographers before you book them, not just to see more of their work but to have a drink and a chat so that you can work out if they are a good fit for the two of you and your wedding. When I meet with potential clients I know as well as me seeing if they are the kind of client I want to work for and the sort of wedding I want to photograph that they are also seeing if I am the right photographer for them personality wise.

Once you have found that photographer whose work you have fallen in love with, who you both get along with and feel comfortable with it is then all about communication with your photographer before the day. Make sure they know all the details, the locations, times, how big the Bridal party is, whose parents are whose, any formal photographs you need and any special surprises or personal touches.

Wedding photographs on the day.

Once it comes to the day the key to getting great photographs now is to forget about your wedding photographer, seriously forget about them. They are a professional, they have done this hundreds of times and you have communicated everything with them before hand. If you are relaxed and immersed in your wedding day your photographs will show that and look amazing. Yes you might say a few things to your photographer on the day like when taking a few formal photographs, having your bridal portraits taken or just before the cake cutting and first dance but other than that enjoy your day, stay relaxed and forget about your wedding photographer.

All images courtesy of ©2015 Will Reddaway Photography.

I have many clients coming to me after seeing their wedding photographs saying they didn’t even see me take a certain photograph or they don’t even remember noticing me most of the day and to me that is great. Why should you remember your wedding day for the hired professionals? You should remember it for the guests, the laughter and the commitment to your now spouse.

The biggest thing you can do to help make sure you get great wedding photographs is to build a great relationship with your wedding photographer. Take the time to meet with them once or twice before your wedding day to talk through your plans but also to build a relationship so your photographer becomes more of a guest at the wedding than a hired professional. That way you will be comfortable and relaxed with them when they are photographing and your photos will show that.

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Will Reddawy - Wedding Photographer.

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I’m Will, I love my beautiful wife Heidi, the sea, music, waves and taking great images. I’m massively into my music, with a growing collection of guitars and the same could be said about my surfboard collection too. I have a passion for people and I think that comes across in my work. I love photographing people out in pumping surf, on their wedding day or in beautiful locations.

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