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Toastmaster – To have or not to have?

Advice on choosing a toastmaster for your big day.

What’s happening next? When can we give our parents their gifts? When are the speeches going to start? These and a host of other questions have been asked and will continue to be asked by anxious brides and bridegrooms on their wedding day.

Guests unsure of what is happening next leave the banqueting hall for a quick smoke only to return to “You have just missed the best man’s speech”.

The common thread that runs through all the above questions is who is making sure that the young couples special day is running smoothly – sadly the answer is nobody!

Enter the “man in the red coat” your Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. He is your organiser, your presenter, he will also be your communicator and your diplomat.

Role of the Toastmaster

Your Toastmaster will have clarity in his voice and the ability to project his voice without resorting to shouting. He will announce your speakers at the proper time having made sure that your guests are ready to listen.

From time to time things do go slightly astray and this is where your Toastmaster puts on his diplomats hat showing that on the surface all is calm, whilst at the same time he is looking to solve the problem with least fuss.

The wedding day for brides, bridegrooms, parents and guests is both unique and just as special as the couple who getting married. Everything about the wedding day will show the personalities of both the bride and the bridegroom. From the wedding ceremony to the last song of the evening, attention to detail is of paramount importance. This is where the Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies will make sure that every wish will have been catered for. All the bride and groom have to do on the day is “enjoy it”.

The Toastmaster will never seem to be more important than the event at which he is officiating at, and will only enhance the newly married couples special day.

The duties of the Toastmaster begin long before the wedding day, but that ladies and gentlemen is a complete chapter all on its own.

Michael Bidny Toastmaster

About the Author.

Michael Bidny ( UKSPT) – Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. Attention to detail is essential when planning an event, with that in mind a great deal of thought and planning will be given to all aspects of your event to ensure that it is tailored to fit in with your wishes.

As your professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies I will liaise with banqueting staff, ensure that seating arrangements are correct, and take care of any last minute problems that may arise.

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